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Cryptocurrency prices, market capitalizations. Here you can see all cryptocurrencies live and history prices, they are changing 24/7, so you must keep eye on table below. The prices and positions are always updating, so the information is accurate. If you want to know more about any cryptocurrency, just click on the name of cryptocurrency in the table. Each cryptocurrency has it's own page with live and history charts, also you will find summarized info about each of them: what is the point of each cryptocurrency, advantages, features, founders. It's very useful tool to meet and follow your favourite cryptocurrencies. Lion's part from coin market goes to Bitcoin (1st) and Ethereum (2nd). Other cryptocurrencies, which are over 1000, have the name of Altcoins (alternative coins). Cryptocurrency market grows very fast and the name of Altcoin for TOP30 cryptocurrencies already is not right anymore.

Market Cap:
24h Volume:
BTC Dominance:
# Name Price Market Cap Circulating Supply Volume (24h) % Change (24h) Price graph
1 BitcoinBitcoin $7762.09 $129,527,253,289 16,687,162 BTC $3,829,160,000 0.06% View graph
2 EthereumEthereum $337.984 $32,381,824,855 95,808,751 ETH $540,968,000 1.63% View graph
3 Bitcoin CashBitcoin Cash $1272.63 $21,392,305,801 16,809,525 BCH $3,253,300,000 11.81% View graph
4 RippleRipple $0.228143 $8,811,542,554 38,622,892,459 XRP $152,654,000 0.17% View graph
5 LitecoinLitecoin $68.3983 $3,685,559,165 53,883,783 LTC $168,766,000 -0.13% View graph
6 DashDash $461.759 $3,553,924,319 7,696,492 DASH $147,256,000 8.39% View graph
7 NEONEO $46.0349 $2,992,268,500 65,000,000 NEO $485,525,000 28.16% View graph
8 IOTAIOTA $0.80636 $2,241,302,039 2,779,530,283 MIOTA $58,198,600 2.55% View graph
9 MoneroMonero $135.012 $2,075,062,453 15,369,467 XMR $63,518,600 8.22% View graph
10 NEMNEM $0.194604 $1,751,436,000 8,999,999,999 XEM $6,629,000 0.56% View graph
11 Ethereum ClassicEthereum Classic $17.8403 $1,740,671,773 97,569,647 ETC $158,478,000 3.46% View graph
12 LiskLisk $9.2043 $1,058,845,699 115,038,156 LSK $29,934,300 6.79% View graph
13 QtumQtum $14.1145 $1,039,826,224 73,670,780 QTUM $117,788,000 7.85% View graph
14 EOSEOS $1.94555 $942,732,115 484,558,153 EOS $52,318,800 12.77% View graph
15 HshareHshare $19.8269 $838,009,719 42,266,301 HSR $37,452,700 -6.3% View graph
16 OmiseGOOmiseGO $8.1518 $831,830,473 102,042,552 OMG $63,615,600 8.66% View graph
17 ZcashZcash $303.191 $803,170,013 2,649,056 ZEC $60,177,200 3.82% View graph
19 TetherTether $1.0036 $646,336,597 644,018,132 USDT $595,261,000 0.1% View graph
20 Stellar LumensStellar Lumens $0.0358771 $635,569,245 17,715,178,896 XLM $7,274,810 -0.24% View graph
21 BitConnectBitConnect $293.875 $628,331,787 2,138,092 BCC $18,384,100 -1.1% View graph
22 WavesWaves $5.39232 $539,232,000 100,000,000 WAVES $25,039,900 12.2% View graph
23 PopulousPopulous $9.5966 $395,881,304 41,252,246 PPT $1,125,950 4.12% View graph
24 StratisStratis $3.49131 $344,337,998 98,627,162 STRAT $7,031,470 5.92% View graph
25 ArkArk $3.25789 $319,212,245 97,981,284 ARK $7,031,850 10.63% View graph
26 BitSharesBitShares $0.10177 $264,826,912 2,602,210,000 BTS $7,980,320 7.11% View graph
27 GasGas $29.4908 $253,533,452 8,597,035 GAS $8,745,040 21.72% View graph
28 ArdorArdor $0.236622 $236,385,259 998,999,495 ARDR $871,807 3.79% View graph
29 KomodoKomodo $2.31608 $233,797,877 100,945,510 KMD $3,624,470 4.03% View graph
30 SteemSteem $0.92113 $227,083,304 246,526,879 STEEM $881,623 3.52% View graph
31 BytecoinBytecoin $0.00122805 $225,044,503 183,253,534,612 BCN $2,051,510 1.92% View graph
32 VeritaseumVeritaseum $107.24 $217,273,113 2,026,045 VERI $531,356 5.01% View graph
33 DecredDecred $34.9529 $216,238,428 6,186,566 DCR $861,717 8.09% View graph
34 AugurAugur $19.6081 $215,689,100 11,000,000 REP $830,614 1.15% View graph
35 VertcoinVertcoin $4.49489 $185,776,051 41,330,500 VTC $8,981,900 7.05% View graph
36 MaidSafeCoinMaidSafeCoin $0.399406 $180,752,149 452,552,412 MAID $1,889,120 4.59% View graph
38 TenXTenX $1.69164 $177,049,258 104,661,310 PAY $2,389,660 4.39% View graph
39 GolemGolem $0.209864 $174,823,428 833,032,000 GNT $1,864,130 1.88% View graph
40 PIVXPIVX $3.05407 $167,828,176 54,952,302 PIVX $671,697 2.04% View graph
41 MonaCoinMonaCoin $2.957 $163,873,539 55,418,850 MONA $1,462,200 -0.26% View graph
42 Basic Attention TokenBasic Attention Token $0.16309 $163,090,000 1,000,000,000 BAT $3,179,700 -2.16% View graph
43 Binance CoinBinance Coin $1.64339 $162,718,617 99,014,000 BNB $29,745,700 8.72% View graph
44 FactomFactom $18.5561 $162,274,987 8,745,102 FCT $4,046,170 -0.45% View graph
45 Byteball BytesByteball Bytes $234.006 $150,985,832 645,222 GBYTE $610,555 -0.12% View graph
46 DogecoinDogecoin $0.00134716 $150,852,199 111,977,938,327 DOGE $1,920,110 3.38% View graph
47 BitcoinDarkBitcoinDark $116.166 $149,721,964 1,288,862 BTCD $446,206 9.6% View graph
48 Kyber NetworkKyber Network $1.10742 $148,541,231 134,132,697 KNC $2,375,630 2.79% View graph
49 DigixDAODigixDAO $71.0306 $142,061,200 2,000,000 DGD $638,272 -8.52% View graph
52 SiacoinSiacoin $0.00414777 $128,388,041 30,953,510,145 SC $1,194,190 2.26% View graph
53 WaltonWalton $5.01163 $124,780,456 24,898,178 WTC $15,999,600 -0.69% View graph
54 GameCreditsGameCredits $1.91398 $123,174,857 64,355,352 GAME $1,310,580 2.61% View graph
55 Metaverse ETPMetaverse ETP $3.28676 $119,646,193 36,402,473 ETP $5,851,230 7.3% View graph
56 AeternityAeternity $0.506848 $118,105,960 233,020,472 AE $763,100 10.95% View graph
57 SyscoinSyscoin $0.215956 $114,231,906 528,959,169 SYS $1,847,260 8.1% View graph
58 BytomBytom $0.113585 $112,108,395 987,000,000 BTM $416,764 3.14% View graph
59 BlocknetBlocknet $22.8388 $111,689,398 4,890,336 BLOCK $109,175 9.24% View graph
60 PuraPura $0.61064 $104,910,817 171,804,691 PURA $305,452 -5.93% View graph
61 IconomiIconomi $1.04012 $103,791,821 99,788,314 ICN $701,565 8.27% View graph
62 0x0x $0.202707 $101,353,500 500,000,000 ZRX $2,402,320 9.68% View graph
65 StatusStatus $0.0287404 $99,743,092 3,470,483,788 SNT $2,596,920 3.74% View graph
66 BitquenceBitquence $1.34334 $97,413,804 72,516,119 BQX $1,420,740 -3.26% View graph
67 CivicCivic $0.279019 $95,619,811 342,700,000 CVC $1,213,240 -0.11% View graph
68 LykkeLykke $0.35864 $94,134,666 262,476,763 LKK $369,139 -0.81% View graph
69 GXSharesGXShares $2.21739 $89,826,469 40,510,000 GXS $3,512,080 6.41% View graph
70 VergeVerge $0.00613234 $87,587,957 14,282,958,428 XVG $2,032,570 0.38% View graph
71 ZCoinZCoin $24.1657 $83,712,208 3,464,092 XZC $2,622,650 11.8% View graph
72 DigiByteDigiByte $0.00887469 $83,644,840 9,425,099,865 DGB $2,616,710 -3.94% View graph
73 MetalMetal $4.31095 $83,205,620 19,300,994 MTL $2,890,960 -1.61% View graph
74 BancorBancor $2.00513 $81,754,906 40,772,871 BNT $1,793,330 2.68% View graph
75 SingularDTVSingularDTV $0.128182 $76,909,200 600,000,000 SNGLS $1,225,180 1.66% View graph
76 NxtNxt $0.0740238 $73,949,772 998,999,942 NXT $4,258,990 7.38% View graph
77 GnosisGnosis $66.4488 $73,398,680 1,104,590 GNO $598,132 4.02% View graph
78 VeChainVeChain $0.259049 $71,798,703 277,162,633 VEN $953,715 0.73% View graph
79 ParticlParticl $8.80216 $68,447,832 7,776,254 PART $111,221 -1.8% View graph
80 FunFairFunFair $0.0160727 $64,290,800 4,000,000,000 FUN $1,024,910 -0.16% View graph
81 StorjStorj $0.615107 $64,129,123 104,256,858 STORJ $7,432,240 -3.56% View graph
82 AdExAdEx $1.08892 $62,345,755 57,254,670 ADX $3,777,740 6.89% View graph
87 B3CoinB3Coin $0.000360312 $57,928,037 160,771,877,577 B3 $925,174 -26.58% View graph
88 NexusNexus $1.06915 $57,565,432 53,842,241 NXS $632,320 10.87% View graph
89 MonacoMonaco $5.66931 $55,643,570 9,814,875 MCO $3,327,760 5.86% View graph
90 EdgelessEdgeless $0.66105 $54,236,699 82,046,288 EDG $749,326 -2.33% View graph
91 LoopringLoopring $0.187431 $53,637,271 286,170,756 LRC $2,177,380 38.47% View graph
92 FairCoinFairCoin $1.00736 $53,585,338 53,193,831 FAIR $16,837 -4.87% View graph
93 NAV CoinNAV Coin $0.850962 $52,799,907 62,047,314 NAV $1,013,020 6.38% View graph
95 ZenCashZenCash $21.3266 $52,370,621 2,455,648 ZEN $1,139,540 -1.93% View graph
97 UbiqUbiq $1.30077 $50,590,403 38,892,658 UBQ $323,850 3.65% View graph
98 Ripio Credit NetworkRipio Credit Network $0.102126 $49,545,678 485,142,647 RCN $3,518,940 5.6% View graph
100 AragonAragon $1.45768 $47,473,523 32,567,863 ANT $617,764 -3.18% View graph
0 more currencies
Currency data updated 2017.11.18 21:05:32 UTC
Questions and answers
2 days ago

It’s amazing how early we are in the crypto asset world and people are whining that they missed the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin opportunity or how late they noticed cryptos. Even 3 years from now, it will still be early.

2 days ago

Yes, i agree. I would add IOTA and DASH to the list :) but might be more. We have to wait for a bubble explode, then we see who stays, who is out of the game.

2 days ago

Today we're excited to announce the first ever Lightning cross-chain swap from Bitcoin to Litecoin!

2 days ago

I liked the way Charlie Lee reacted to this:

"I believe you guys have been waiting for this! Now that Segwit2x is canceled and SegWit haters have their own coin to play with, it's full steam ahead with scaling Bitcoin/Litecoin with LN and other 2nd layer scaling solutions!

LN atomic swaps are much better than on-chain ones because it's instantaneous, low fees, and preserves privacy. 2nd layer off-chain solutions like LN are only practical with a transaction malleability fix like SegWit. So thanks to everyone's hardwork on getting SegWit activated!"

2 days ago

I visited my friend’s restaurant last week. Stats for the the previous week:

  • 8 people paid with BitcoinCash
  • 2 people paid with Ethereum
  • 0 people paid with BitcoinCore
2 days ago

LOL :D I visited some 30 Institutional Investors over last few days

Stats for the visit:

  • 12 are investing in Bitcoin
  • 10 are about to invest in Bitcoin
  • 8 still need time
  • 0 have any plans to go anywhere near BCash
2 days ago

No matter how bad your day is remember that only a few days ago some dude panic sold his bitcoin at $5,500 and bought bcash at $2,800.

2 days ago

:D :D Sorry for them

7 days ago

why first coin ranking is change. regards

Steven J
2 days ago

It's crypto, shouldn't be reason to change the price.

15 days ago

what is market cap. please define in detail. fccw3

Steven J
11 days ago

Azhar, thank you for a question. Market cap means Market capitalization, this means how much are worth all cryptocurrencies together by today's price.

Ted James Miller
2 months ago

Is the Total supply number Is real? because i saw more than 80 Billion available for sale in my exchange website best regards, Ted

Steven J
1 month ago

Ted, thank you for a question. Yes, it's real, these numbers (market capitalization) are taken from all exchanges and always updates.

2 months ago

Between poloniex, bittrex and yobit exchanges which one is better?

Steven J
1 month ago

Aloysius, thank you for the question. All exchanges are good. I recommend you to open account on all those exchanges, check which accepts deposits in fiat currency, try to trade and check where you like best. We have some negative reviews about Poloniex support, they delays with the answers. All exchanges have negative and positive things, so you have to find yours.

2 months ago

I'm new to Neo, what is the minimum to cliam gas?

Neo gas
2 months ago

No minimum. Claim anytime.

2 months ago

Can you type in 0.01599072 or whatever it is now and hit claim? You might try using Neon on a computer as a last resort. https://neo.org/download

2 months ago

You need to send your neo to yourself first. From your neon wallet, send them to you at your neon wallet. Go to claim, wait for it to refresh and claim

2 months ago

Seems it varies from wallet to wallet. In some, you can claim any time, with this one, it does indeed seem to be a minimum. The good news is that if you are planning to hold your Neo, it makes no difference (unless they change the system).

2 months ago

Sending NEO to yourself, claiming gas, its a circus. why this is not automated seems so backward to me.

2 months ago

What was the spark that made you take a serious look at getting into bc / crypto? I was a skeptic for a long time, brushing it off and off but I have come to realize this is the future. For me, it was seeing the possibilities with such technology and realizing the potential with all of this.

2 months ago

Wannacry malware wanting bitcoin as payment. Criminals are always ahead of any technology curve.

2 months ago

For a lot of people (myself included) we speculated buying for a long time and then saw that the price kept increasing. You can only have so many "I could have made x amount of money if I had actually done it!" before you cave in and buy at least a small amount.

2 months ago

Because blockchain is the next phase of civilization

2 months ago

I got scammed in to joining bitcoins brain and lost 40 bucks in 3 days. After that I wanted to research and know everything about this industry, to help prevent that from happening again. Started Blogging

2 months ago

because banks suck?

2 months ago

For me it's the blockchain technology. I find it a great way to ensure transparency and decentralization. I think it's got a ways to go because it's a bit cumbersome and clunky but as with any technology it will grow and adapt. I wonder if Perhaps one day we will be free from fiat money, non transparent governance, and having to pay for knowledge and information?

2 months ago

Years ago i bought bitcoin for £30 a btc, it didn't go up, actually it dropped for the couple of months after i bought it and so i got fed up and sold and bought into the stock market and bullion. recently i checked the fucking btc price! i then spent a while learning about blockchain, and scrypt and the altcoins so i would understand cryptocurrency a bit better and although i'm currently down £1-1.5k on what i put in, as a result of china and fucking JP Morgan, i now believe in the coins i've bought, i'll buy more of them even tho they're down and although i regret selling the btc, i learnt a lesson in being patient and in the potential some of these coins have.

2 months ago

I got in following a group leader that does some bucks in HYIP's. Lost money, gained money, stopped HYIP's evening it out. Since then (1.5 years), being investing month after month to increase portfolio whilst reading, reading and reading again anything I can find on blockchains.

2 months ago

Stuff like this and realizing this is still possible right now with various alt coins: If You Bought $5 of Bitcoin 7 Years Ago, You’d Be $4.4 Million Richer

2 months ago

A friend told me about btc and how he believed in gulden alt. I started the research and got into those crypto drug

2 months ago

OmiseGo just received Prime Minister Digital startup of the year award from PM of Thailand.

OmiseGo awarded

2 months ago

For Thailand? How many digital start up companies are in Thailand?

2 months ago

fake digital Rolex won it last year

2 months ago

Brenton, more than you think, probably

2 months ago

Hello, I see everywhere Tether, USDT. What does it means? When i trade on Bittrex, Bitfinex, Kraken, Poloniex, there is always comparing prices to USDT Tether. I thought that it is us dollar, but it's something different. Could you explain?

Steven J
1 month ago

Patrick, thank you for your question. Tether converts cash into digital currency, to anchor or tether the value to the price of national currencies like the US dollar, the Euro, and the Yen. Every tether is always backed 1-to-1, by traditional currency held in our reserves. So 1 USD₮ is always equivalent to 1 USD. The Tether platform is built on top of open blockchain technologies, leveraging the security and transparency that they provide.

2 months ago

Crypto Crashing! Are the chinese leaving like they did in 2013 causing Bitcoin to go from $1200 to $250????

2 months ago

Stop panicking. Think 3 months from now. This is yet ANOTHER bump in the road. Crypto is the future

2 months ago

If Bitcoin go to 2000 range I will sell everything i had and buy Bitcoin

2 months ago

Yep next week bitcoin will be 250$ again

2 months ago


2 months ago
Ah dont worry china is only 45% of the market

2 months ago

If that happens im taking out a loan on my house

2 months ago

BTW Just so everyone knows. The JP Morgan Ceo that made his statement today about Bitcoin not being worth anything had a patent for a Bitcoin look a like rejected 175 times before making his statement haha: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/news/10510933/JPMorgan-files-patent-for-bitcoin-killer-currency.html

2 months ago

This isn't a crash moron. This a much needed correction.

2 months ago

You guys really need to study charts... the panic and fud post in this group is really getting PATHETIC

2 months ago

What a shitty month! Patiently waiting for recovery

2 months ago

By the way, this crash is serious! Even tether is losing value. Which means fiat is actually being withdrawn to bank accounts!! Things are getting SERIOUS.

2 months ago

Suneedh, Fork was on 1st Aug, but on July 15th BTC dropped to $1900, it's not possible that price will always rise. Look long term. Check any stock on the market, all goes up and down. And now it's media war, panic wins. Calm down and be ready to go down even to $2000, but it will go up again.

2 months ago

Consolidation is fine thats the way of the market what worries me is idiots like JP morgan and China News comps shitting on it so its USA and CHINA the rest of the world Argeintina, Switzerland, Japan are taking up crypto

2 months ago

i got worried for a second, then i remembered i only have $50 invested. all is well :D

2 months ago

So what does it tell us Adoption is happening and Japan and Argentina dont want to be part of the $ domination world or their old debt

2 months ago

Needed Correction. This will only make the market accessible to more people.

2 months ago

Bitcoin price falls because of one article on Caixin. No statement from China's bank, exchanges didn't get any notice. Regulation must come, why everybody is so scared of legality? I think we have huge price manipulation in the bitcoin ecosystem. What's your opinion?

2 months ago

What exchanges were banned? Fake news

2 months ago

No bans yet, but why price is falling?

2 months ago

Its fake, and price is falling because of this fake news, also because its weekend, wait till monday it will start rise again, but there is a speculation that third dump will happen next week, also with some fake news... Big players are getting their cheap cryptos this way

2 months ago

Because of the fake news all over about bans to exchanges and it causes panic. People begins to sell. Well its the nature of Money. Volatility. What i know for sure is that this is gonna come and go. Cryptocurrency is here to stay. 135billion cap. this is gonna continue to soar as more people begin to adopt and money continue to flow in. so Keep stocking currencies and be in the profits

2 months ago

Market just need reasons to release heat from the bitcoin engine

2 months ago

I would like to be it fake news. Just strange when bbc, cnbc, cnn, cointelegraph doesn't say that it's fake news. They quotes Caixin as trustful local Chinese source.

2 months ago

That trustfull Chinese source ir below shit, take a look at Boxmining videos, he has a very good insight about Asia markets, he rips this fake shit appart :) it's not logical that Official Chinese Goverment statement comes almost 10 PM in the evening :) now take a look at this and be ready to buy some more coins later https://steemit.com/.../bitcoin-crash-how-to-spot-whale...

its the same shit like last wekk ICO's news, FUD is what making whales to get their cheap crypto, as a small fish, all u have to do is not panic sell and buy more, thats it :) Also take a look at this http://boxmining.com/chinese-ban-crypt-exchanges-rumor/

2 months ago

Fake news? Bitfinex works fine?

2 months ago

Yes, it's fine

2 months ago

Comon guys, so many people are new to investing, like me. So why not educate us instead of trying to be a funny guy

2 months ago

Stop share that kind of news.

2 months ago

Don't be afraid to hear different perspectives ffs. Don't stay in a cesspool of people who only think like you. That's dumb.

2 months ago

This isn't true - the exchanges are still running. There has been new release from the Government about anything and nothing has been said. This was posted by a newspaper(deliberately) in China and picked up by the rest of the world. when the BTC Trading halt occurred, trading halted prior to the Government Release. As of now, nothing has halted. Don't be idiots.

2 months ago

As long as people keep reacting to it it will never stop. Lots of new people fear the total collapse in the back of their minds and are so quick to assume that any dip is the big one.

2 months ago

Whole new herd of noobs to manipulate, I expect China will continue 'banning Bitcoin' again until price stops moving from it

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