IOTA (MIOTA) price, charts, market capitalization, history. Check IOTA live and history price in charts and tables, do analysis with special MIOTA tools below. IOTA is a unique cryptocoin that is based on a system with Internet of Things of the future kept in mind. It is based on a new public ledger technology just like blockchain and is called Tangle. The Tangle has been designed specifically for the internet of things. Now one thing you may know is that internet of things requires constant communication between the machines and thus would mean extremely large fees if such a system was ever based on a public ledger. But, IOTA’s transaction fee free system means that even small packets of data can be sent swiftly and without any transaction fees keeping it in spirit with the Internet of Things’ future. The reason why it doesn’t take transaction fees on IOTA is that instead of a chain-like blockchain, the IOTA uses a distributed system for its Tangle ledger. This system was developed after six years worth of research in this particular field. The IOTA is built to scale rather than both bitcoin and Ethereum who have faced problems in this regard. Both had to undergo consensus based updates to scale properly, resulting in forks.

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Understanding IOTA, Wallets, Nodes, and Tangle

IOTA is different than other major cryptocurrencies in several important ways. Before using IOTA on any Exchange, please review the following critical items. Select each checkbox below to indicate that you have read, agree, and understand.

Golden rule

In IOTA the security of a transaction decreases when you send tokens more than once from the same address. To ensure that you are safe, you should always generate a new address (by going into the "Receive" section of the GUI and attaching the new address to the Tangle) for each transfer that is made.

Sticky sessions

IP address is used to serve the wallet with the same server, whenever possible. This means that you can log in/log out of the wallet and see the balance, history, and addresses as usual. However, if your IP changes it is likely that the load balancing server will direct you to a different server (to keep work balance between all servers). As it is the nature of the Tangle that any node sees it from a different perspective, your balance and history might not be displayed completely. To resolve this, go to the "Receive"-section of your wallet and generate addresses until everything gets displayed correctly.


After a snapshot, the Database of every full node (and with that the database on every light wallet server) gets deleted. Therefore, your history and balance disappeared. You can get your balance back by simply going into the "Receive"-section of your wallet and generate addresses until you see your correct balance again (your wallet will re-generate every address that you used pre-snapshot again).

New releases

After a new release, it might be required by the foundation to delete the database of each full node. The same issue with the same solution as seen in point #2 will occur.

Status reports

Follow @IOTASupport on Twitter for status reports of the service.


Neither any Exchange nor the other parties involved can be made responsible for potential problems/losses of any way. The service is provided "as is".

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IOTA - future, advantages, founders

The IOTA coin is an extremely promising coin and is already making strides in the crypto world. While the value has increased phenomenally, so has the adoption of the tech that will make the dream of an Internet of Things future possible. IOTA can be traded in all major cryptocurrency exchanges and its coin is expected to increase its value in the future. Tangle is one part of the IOTA system that makes things really interesting for the advancement of blockchain related ledgers. Perhaps the future lies in distributed ledgers rather than a blockchain ledger. Only time can tell.

The IOTA coin was created by a team based in Berlin. It includes Dominik Schiener, David Sønstebø, Sergey Ivancheglo  and Sergei Popov. So basically, an all European tech savvy team. All of these people are experienced programmers in the blockchain. The IOTA team now includes a lot more members but the co-founders are these guys.

Just like Ripple, IOTA coins come pre-mined and thus you cannot mine for new coins on the IOTA system. More than 2779530283277761 were created in a single go. This large number is to facilitate the IOTA data transfer that can be extremely minute in size.

Let's discuss
6 years ago

Why IOTA price is falling down? It went down 40% from the ATH. After so many good news.. what's happening? The price dropped from $5.5 ti $3 just in one day!!! Was it simple pump and dump on organized by pumping community?

6 years ago

Looks like all altcoins market going down and Bitcoin going up. It's usually day in crypto market. One day up, another day down. It's a good day to buy. Everyone waits for dips, here you go - go and buy. Just as always be careful!

6 years ago
David Sonstebo, founder of IOTA posted: "Won't say when, simply because we don't know yet. We are not going to force release some halfassed shit just to meet arbitrary deadline. Q is one of the biggest, if not the biggest things to occur to the IOTA project."
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6 years ago

Dominik Schiener: "IOTA will be used by everyone, including banks." I thin it's time to shut down the Ripple. Riple is dead.

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6 years ago

Volkswagen using Iota for cars to pay in parking areas automatically in the future

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6 years ago

IOTA is number 4 cryptocurrency by market capitalization! Go IOTA, go MIOTA! Congrats!

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6 years ago

Why IOTA price is going to the moon? In last month price went op from $0.4 to $2.5! It is crazy 500%!

6 years ago

IOTA last week announced about launching Internet of things exchange market. They have close partnership with Microsoft, Fuji and other famous IT brands. IOTA should be solid coin with solid investors.

6 years ago

IOTA already reached ATH $3.3!!! Now struggling in small DIP. But it will go up because of IOTA mania over the world.

6 years ago

It looks like the money from ETH goes to IOTA. Also, money from all altcoins. After IOTA reported they're cooperating with governments - it's all cryptomarket needs

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