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Litecoin (LTC) price, charts, market capitalization, history. Check Litecoin live and history price in charts and tables, do analysis with special LTC tools below. Litecoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and an open source project. It currently ranks high of the cryptocurrency trading charts. While it was heavily inspired from bitcoin itself, Litecoin was always meant to be the silver to the bitcoin’s gold standard. While gold is in short supply and is quite expensive, Silver is much more widely used and has the liquidity to become a real mainstream currency. This is the reason why the silver bitcoin analogy was used by the creator of the Litecoin for the new currency. The Litecoin is however faster and by design much offers much more liquidity than bitcoin. Its extremely fast Lightning network offers four times faster transactions than bitcoin and has almost negligible costs associated with it. Litecoin was also the first cryptocurrency to adopt the segregated witness protocol (SegWit). Yes, the same aspect which resulted in a hard fork of the bitcoin on August 1st 2017. It can be mined using a proof of work system that is different from bitcoin. Litecoin and cryptocurrency market never sleeps, so Litecoin price changes every second.

Litecoin current price:
0.00945377 BTC
Market Cap
505,536.40 BTC
Volume (24h)
24,476.40 BTC
Circulating Supply
53,474,582 LTC
Total Supply
53,474,582 LTC

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What is the future of Litecoin?
The Litecoin is experiencing steady growth as compared to the frontrunners like bitcoin and Ether who have seen their values increase several folds. So, the long-term future of the cryptocurrency is going to be great. Its mining is also getting more competitive.

Who created the Litecoin? It was created by a former Google Employee Charlie Lee. It is primarily a fork of the bitcoin core client in many ways. But, its decreased block generation time of 2.5 minutes and easier proof of stake mining process made it extremely different from bitcoin overall.

How is it useful? Litecoin is extremely fast. It is probably the fastest cryptocurrency ever created due to its lightning network. Its transactions normally take less than one second to perform. So all these extremely useful features mean that litecoin has a part to play in the future of cryptocurrency, both as a cheaper alternative to bitcoin and a faster one too.

How can it be used to help solve problems? Litecoin is a safe, secure and proof of work based cryptocurrency. Litecoin has always been correlated with the bitcoin value just like silver is always correlated with the gold value so on that front, litecoin may seem a good long-term investment.

Where to use in real life? It is also the coin people use on its own rather than trade it for BTC alone. A majority of litecoin buying is not done via BTC but Chinese Yen. The Chinese traders have taken a liking to the ultra light bitcoin alternative. This shows the inherent value of the coin and its deployed systems. Most other cryptocurrencies including even Ether are used to trade back to the bitcoin which can be considered as the British pound of the cryptocurrency world. But, Litecoin is mostly bought and then liquidated directly to fiat currency.

Litecoin price history in USD
Date from
Date Open High Low Close Volume Market Cap
20 Oct 2017 59.8098 61.7537 58.5634 60.3306 150,542,000 3,225,577,482
19 Oct 2017 60.8218 61.2761 58.7085 59.7397 160,943,000 3,193,124,743
18 Oct 2017 59.6529 61.7476 53.7937 60.7308 283,869,000 3,245,232,732
17 Oct 2017 64.6732 64.6955 58.8539 59.479 205,363,000 3,177,462,298
16 Oct 2017 65.7183 66.3358 62.6915 64.6219 200,428,000 3,451,297,832
15 Oct 2017 64.1266 70.0938 62.5494 65.4674 453,940,000 3,495,462,090
14 Oct 2017 59.4056 66.193 58.6009 63.9502 313,106,000 3,413,379,168
13 Oct 2017 60.5519 60.9617 55.8409 59.4289 357,124,000 3,171,116,142
12 Oct 2017 50.8867 59.5102 50.8715 59.5102 334,892,000 3,174,586,935
11 Oct 2017 50.7533 51.1364 50.3669 50.9017 57,466,000 2,714,660,571
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