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Carl Gray
4 years ago

Hi, iv had a crypto broker for around 4 months now, I invested £9000 and my account has reached over £30,000 now, iv asked for a £4000 withdrawal and then received an a mail saying I have to pay nearly £6,000 tax before all funds are released to me, my broker said this isn’t unusual and to pay it ASAP so I can then send the majority of it back to carry on trading. This really doesn’t feel rite. Has anyone heard of this procedure before? Many thanks Carl

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Stefan Stoolhui
6 years ago

there are more than 1000 types of crypto coins on the market. with many you see that they sometimes increase more than 100% in value, my question is if the following is it possible if you start with 100 euros and you would trade every day in a coin and you make every time for 40% profit on all your bet then it is still possible that you have more than 2 million euros in 30 days??. here is the calculation 100 * 1.40 ^ 30 = 2,4 million please explain if it is possible or not

Jeremiah Kolkoto
6 years ago


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