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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) price, charts, market capitalization, history. Check Bitcoin Cash live and history price in charts and tables, do analysis with special BCH tools below. On August 1st, 2017, some of the developers of Bitcoin broke away from the Bitcoin and formed their own cryptocurrency known as the Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash is decentralized peer-to-peer digital cash for the internet which requires no third party or bank to operate. As a fork of Bitcoin’s blockchain ledger, it has upgraded consensus rules which allow growth and scaling. At the time of breaking away from Bitcoin, any Bitcoin holder automatically became an owner of the Bitcoin Cash (BCC). Thus, holders of Bitcoin blocks from block 478558 have as much Bitcoin Cash as they had Bitcoin. Holders of Bitcoin who stored them with third parties have to inquire about the status of their funds. After August 1st, the ledgers of both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash were separated completely meaning that any BTC which was acquired after that time does not include any BCC, and vice versa.

Bitcoin Cash current price:
0.02856221 BTC
Market Cap
518,460.88 BTC
Volume (24h)
147,675.91 BTC
Circulating Supply
18,151,988 BCH
Total Supply
18,151,988 BCH

Bitcoin Cash price chart

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
US dollar (USD)
1 BCH to USD = 211.5788 USD
Euro (EUR)
1 BCH to EUR = 191.0936 EUR
British Pound (GBP)
1 BCH to GBP = 161.0679 GBP
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What is the future of Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash brings seeks to bring sound money to the world so as to empower users with low fees and reliable confirmations. With the global adoption, unrestricted growth, decentralized development, BCC has a very huge potential for growth. Some new features which Bitcoin Cash offers its users are:

  • Increase in Block Size limit. The Bitcoin Cash has come with an increase in the Block size limit from 1.9 MB to 8MB which offers a lot of relief to users.
  • Replay and Wipeout Protection. With a well-thought-out replay and wipeout protection system, Bitcoin cash permits a peaceful coexistence between the Bitcoin and the Bitcoin cash while minimizing user disruption.
  • New SigHash Type. Bitcoin cash has introduced a new way for users to sign transactions as part of its replay selection process which brings some additional benefits such as the elimination of the quadratic hashing problem and improved wallet security.

Bitcoin cash is fast and reliable, and allows transactions to be performed in seconds with confirmation received in a matter of minutes. Also, it is a network that runs without congestion making it very reliable. It is very stable with a payment system that is a proven store of value. Fees for transactions are very low be it sending or receipt of money, or payment for services. BCC is simple and very easy to use and is also very secure as it uses cryptography and high-standard robust blockchain technology for security purposes. As a result, funds are safe and not subject to manipulation or interference.

In 2017, the capacity of Bitcoin hit a wall causing it to become reliable as prices skyrocketed and users were unable to get their transactions confirmed, despite the fact that they waited for days. And all these problems could be solved by increasing the maximum limit of Bitcoin’s code which at the time stood at 1 MB. Because the community could not reach a consensus on the matter, many users of Bitcoin abandoned it causing its market share to fall from 95% to 40%. With this, there was a split which led to the formation of Bitcoin Cash in an effort to solve these problems. With the increase in BCC’s block size limit, users benefit from low fees and fast confirmations causing a growth in the network which will offer a chance for businesses, merchants and investors to return and benefit from this new venture.

Recently, the BCH became more profitable to mine than the Bitcoin even if it was temporarily. Because of a recent difficulty adjustment as a result of BCH’s code, BCH’s mining difficulty was greatly reduced. This 60% reduction in BCH’s mining difficulty attracted about 40% of Bitcoin’s miners. Unfortunately, because of this huge hash power surge and the low mining difficulty, 2016 BCH blocks were produced very quickly which caused Bitcoin Cash to become harder to mine making it once more less profitable than Bitcoin. This again caused miners to abandon Bitcoin Cash in favor of Bitcoin. At present, Bitcoin currently averages a little less than six blocks per hour over the last seven hours while the Bitcoin Cash averages just over one block per hour for the same time period.

Let's discuss
1 year ago

How to download bitcoin cash wallet? Is it safe to download it from internet or should i use hardware wallet?

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1 year ago

Is it possible Bitcoin cash mining? Is it profitable? What is the best to mine: Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin or Ethereum?

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1 year ago

I see that i can watch Bitcoin cash price in live mode, but it is with 5 minutes delay. Do you have possibility to watch it live?

Also, i am interested, where from you get the Bitcoin cash price?

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1 year ago

What is Bitcoin cash value and the price? Why the prices of Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash is different?

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1 year ago

What is Bitcoin cash? What is the difference between real Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash. Is it really one for store value, another for payments? Also, when i go to Bitcoin.com, there is the main currency Bitcoin cash.

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2 years ago

What's happening with Bitcoin Cash price? Is it again pumping? It went up to $3800 in 50 minutes?

2 years ago

Bitcoin cash price rises because of Coinbase (GDAX) started Bitcoin cash trading on their platform. Everyone buying, we have little dip with BCH because of some bugs on GDAX and stopped trading feature. Everyone expects Bitcoin cash to the moon after GDAX will enable buy and sell Bitcoin cash again.

Coinbase tweets:

1) Buy, sell, send and receive Bitcoin Cash on Coinbase

2) Coinbase maintains a strict trading policy and internal guidelines for employees. Coinbase employees have been prohibited from trading in Bitcoin Cash for several weeks.

3) An update on Bitcoin Cash for our customers: sends and receives are functional. Buys and sells on Coinbase.com and in our mobile apps will be available to all customers once there is sufficient liquidity on GDAX. We anticipate that this will happen tomorrow.

4) All BCH markets will remain cleared and offline until 9am PST 12/20/17. At that time, BCH markets will enter post-only mode for a minimum of one hour to allow liquidity to be established.

Wait until GDAX will enable BCH buy/sell feature again, might be that Bitcoin cash price will go even more. Be careful everyone, let's earn some money!

Will BCH replace BTC? No, I don't think so...

2 years ago

Bitcoin Cash is not an offshoot of Bitcoin, It's the original Bitcoin with the original functionality restored.

Steven J
2 years ago

It's interesting to see how Bitcoin cash tries to lift up the price. Roger Ver pumping from BTC to BCH. When Bitcoin is going down, you can see Bitcoin cash is going up.

2 years ago

I visited my friend’s restaurant last week. Stats for the the previous week:

  • 8 people paid with BitcoinCash
  • 2 people paid with Ethereum
  • 0 people paid with BitcoinCore
2 years ago

LOL :D I visited some 30 Institutional Investors over last few days

Stats for the visit:

  • 12 are investing in Bitcoin
  • 10 are about to invest in Bitcoin
  • 8 still need time
  • 0 have any plans to go anywhere near BCash
2 years ago

No matter how bad your day is remember that only a few days ago some dude panic sold his bitcoin at $5,500 and bought bcash at $2,800.

2 years ago

:D :D Sorry for them

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