NEO (NEO) price, charts, market capitalization, history. Check NEO live and history price in charts and tables, do analysis with special NEO tools below. NEO which was founded in 2014 by Da Hongfei, is China's first open-source blockchain project. Also known as the “Ethereum of China”, NEO seeks to build a platform through which users can execute smart code on their blockchain while building decentralized applications in the process. Its goal is to use blockchain technology to make commerce by moving from our old economy to some smart economy where digital assets can be handled efficiently. And with this goal, NEO has caught the attention of government and private entities seeking to increase efficiency as well as the support of many other blockchain companies such as Coindash, Bancor, and Agrello. It is also rumored to have the support of Alibaba, China’s biggest retailer and Red Pulse, a major Chinese research company which seeks to use it to build a massive research database.

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About NEO: advantages, tokens, future

NEO has made some significant leaps this past year. And with two separate teams of developers constantly working on it together with the community it has, NEO is a cryptocurrency with a lot of potential for growth. So, if you are looking to invest in NEO, purchase your NEO tokens now before there is none left to purchase.

In the world of cryptocurrencies today, there is bound to be competition especially if two currencies are seeking to solve a similar problem. This explains the power struggle between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, and hopefully, it can help to explain the struggle between Ethereum and its newest rival – NEO. Because it can be applied to issues relating to a wide range of products with resonating effects, a lot of corporations are rushing to get a slice of the pie. This explains why it is called the “Ethereum of China” because just as Ethereum, NEO is also an open-source blockchain project, which gives its users the ability to execute not only smart contracts but also decentralized apps. However, NEO has some advantages over Ethereum which makes it appeal more to users. These advantages are:

  • NEO is built on a coding language different from that of Ethereum which gives it compatibility with a wide variety of coding languages while Ethereum is compatible only with one coding language – Solidity. In addition, the algorithm which NEO uses is more improved when compared to that of Ethereum. The fact that NEO is compatible with different languages makes its susceptible to adoption by many people even though Vitalik Buterin – founder of Ethereum, claimed that Ethereum is working on adding new languages to the network.
  • Also, NEO has fixed some of the holes which make Ethereum susceptible to hacking thus making NEO more secured and appealing to users than its rival, Ethereum.

With NEO planning to launch a seed program soon with the aim of encouraging developers to use NEO in the development of their technologies, NEO is taking the necessary steps it needs to seep into all government and private sectors. Unfortunately, NEO cannot be mined. It can only be purchased so, to get NEO, investors and users have to purchase it on Bittrex – one of the world’s top three cryptocurrency exchanges which is usually mentioned alongside Poloniex and Kraken. Unfortunately, because Bittrex doesn’t not support trading using the USD, those interested in purchasing NEO would have to buy Bitcoin and then transfer it from a different wallet which can then be used as the exchange token for NEO. Its total supply currently stands at 100,000,000 NEO tokens.

Let's discuss
7 years ago

Seems that NEO rumors are getting bigger and bigger (same with the price)


  1. China not only letting ICOs, but also allowing NEO (along BCH) MINING
  2. Bittrex listing GAS
  3. Bithumb listing NEO next week
  4. Chinese devs getting tech grants
7 years ago

Neo partner with Chinese government!

7 years ago

I'm new to Neo, what is the minimum to cliam gas?

Neo gas
7 years ago

No minimum. Claim anytime.

7 years ago

Can you type in 0.01599072 or whatever it is now and hit claim? You might try using Neon on a computer as a last resort.

7 years ago

You need to send your neo to yourself first. From your neon wallet, send them to you at your neon wallet. Go to claim, wait for it to refresh and claim

7 years ago

Seems it varies from wallet to wallet. In some, you can claim any time, with this one, it does indeed seem to be a minimum. The good news is that if you are planning to hold your Neo, it makes no difference (unless they change the system).

7 years ago

Sending NEO to yourself, claiming gas, its a circus. why this is not automated seems so backward to me.

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