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6 years ago

Is there any possibility that a dollar will ever become equal to euro (dollar-euro parity)? When could this happen? What does it depend on?

Steven J
6 years ago

Paul, there is always a possibility that this could happen and more and more people are starting to talk about it. It is influenced by a wide range of factors. I suggest analysing the situation based on these facts:

  • The economy of the United States is very strong at the moment.
  • A responsible US FED’s approach to raising interest rates cautiously.
  • The investors start to acknowledge USA.
  • The euro zone is not entirely stable at the moment (Roughly speaking - low interest rate (it’s unclear when when will it rise), Germany recession, refugees, terrorism).

There is no way telling when would euro become equal to US dollar, but it’s very possible if the situation in the eurozone doesn’t improve. You should keep track of out currency news in order to gain a better understanding of the future prospects.

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