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5 years ago

Why IOTA price is falling down? It went down 40% from the ATH. After so many good news.. what's happening? The price dropped from $5.5 ti $3 just in one day!!! Was it simple pump and dump on organized by pumping community?

5 years ago

Looks like all altcoins market going down and Bitcoin going up. It's usually day in crypto market. One day up, another day down. It's a good day to buy. Everyone waits for dips, here you go - go and buy. Just as always be careful!

5 years ago

What's happened with DASH. It is pump and dump scenario happened. How they do this with even DASH?

5 years ago

Looks like it is not PUMP, just new investors coming and put big money on DASH. Might be huge news from DASH in coming days.

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