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5 years ago

Seems that NEO rumors are getting bigger and bigger (same with the price)


  1. China not only letting ICOs, but also allowing NEO (along BCH) MINING
  2. Bittrex listing GAS
  3. Bithumb listing NEO next week
  4. Chinese devs getting tech grants
5 years ago

Neo partner with Chinese government!

5 years ago

I'm new to Neo, what is the minimum to cliam gas?

Neo gas
5 years ago

No minimum. Claim anytime.

5 years ago

Can you type in 0.01599072 or whatever it is now and hit claim? You might try using Neon on a computer as a last resort.

5 years ago

You need to send your neo to yourself first. From your neon wallet, send them to you at your neon wallet. Go to claim, wait for it to refresh and claim

5 years ago

Seems it varies from wallet to wallet. In some, you can claim any time, with this one, it does indeed seem to be a minimum. The good news is that if you are planning to hold your Neo, it makes no difference (unless they change the system).

5 years ago

Sending NEO to yourself, claiming gas, its a circus. why this is not automated seems so backward to me.
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