What is the future of the pound in regard to euro?

Hello. What is your opinion on the future of the pound in regard to euro after what has happened yesterday in the UK? Thank you.

7 years ago
Steven J
7 years ago

Dexter, thank you for the question. As I mentioned before, pound exchange rate is going to be very unstable during the period of withdrawal from the European Union. However, in my opinion, Great Britain will benefit from its decisions and the pound will recover in a long period of time. The situation is very unstable at the moment and the pound is sensitive to any changes, the markets need to settle and deal with this situation. There is going to be a lot of discussions regarding the exit bill that the UK will be required to pay, it will also concern customs, trade and other aspects, which are going to depend on Britain. I believe that that Britain will deal with the issue and leave UK, which will make the pound grow stronger. We will find out if my wrong in a couple of years. Meanwhile, the forecast for the pound is very unpredictable and unstable.

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