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GBP, pound converter. Convert British Pound to any currency with real time currency calculator. In currency converter below, enter the amount to GBP field and you'll see the conversion results in all chosen currencies at converter. This smart currency converter is able to exchange, so you can modify by adding or removing different currencies. Below currency converter, you will find a GBP chart zone with main world currencies. Here you can check live or history GBP exchange rates. As we all know, Great Britain's pound is one of the strongest and most popular currencies in the world. Many people comes here to work or to travel. To exchange currency in Great Britain is very popular service, so if you are at this page, you should probably want to sell or buy some British pound. Before you go to exchange office, use this currency calculator to know how much approximately money you will get after exchange.

GBP currency converter

British Pound (GBP)
US dollar (USD)
1 GBP to USD = 1.0663 USD
Euro (EUR)
1 GBP to EUR = 1.1103 EUR
Japanese Yen (JPY)
1 GBP to JPY = 0.0061 JPY
Norwegian Krone (NOK)
1 GBP to NOK = 0.0826 NOK
Swedish Krona (SEK)
1 GBP to SEK = 0.0799 SEK
Swiss Franc (CHF)
1 GBP to CHF = 1.0624 CHF
New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
1 GBP to NZD = 0.5179 NZD
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How does this GBP converter works?

The default value in this GBP to any currency converter is 1000 (which you can change). So, the converter automatically converts GBP to many different currencies which you can modify: add or remove. The most popular GBP pair is with USD, so the converter shows that the conversion of 1000 GBP to USD equals 1066.28 USD. Additionally, each pair has its own currency converter. For example, you can go to GBP to USD converter, where will only be converter of those two currencies. The currency converter is very accurate and uses current live exchange rates of 26 Sep 2022.

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GBP charts with main currencies

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Currency exchange Live rate Change Change ratio
USD/GBP 0.937840 0.165102 17.6045%
EUR/GBP 0.900641 -0.019959 -2.2161%
JPY/GBP 164.25 164.25 99.9957%
NOK/GBP 12.1047 12.0051 99.1768%
SEK/GBP 12.5080 12.4106 99.2215%
CHF/GBP 0.941283 0.136000 14.4483%
NZD/GBP 1.9310 1.3763 71.2745%

Currency Exchanges in England

Great Britain countries has many currency exchanges because of many foreigners coming here. Great Britain's pound still is one of the most powerful currency in the world. People from foreign countries flows to England, especially to London, as a tourists or as employees. No matter for what reason people are visiting England, they will use pounds in all of Great Britain's countries. To get pounds, you will need exchange them at currency exchange office or to get pounds from ATMs. Anyway, if you came to England, you will use pound sterling, but if your currency is different, for example euro, US/AU/NZ dollar, kronas, yen, yuan, won etc., you will need to calculate the value of pound and your currency, that's why currexy.com currency converter will help you!

How to Exchange pounds

It is very easy to exchange pounds (to sell or to buy) in Great Britain. There are many currency exchange offices, especially in London you will find them everywhere. Just be careful, before you change foreign currency to/from pounds, check the real/official value of your currency. Sometimes it might be cheeky situations, when you will get very bad currency exchange rate. Just check the rate in currency calculator and if it is around ±1% difference, it is normal.

Are you planning to visit UK? Where to Exchange?

If you need to buy or sell just small amount of pounds, then it's probably doesn't matter where you'll exchange money. But if you're thinking about to exchange more meaningful amount of money, then it is better go to the bank. Of course, before you should compare which bank offers the best currency exchange rate. Another good way to get pounds in England, just simply take it from ATM. Very often your local bank's exchange rate will be better than bank's in England or in currency exchange. Just do few simple steps before it and check the best rates.

Currency converter in England

However, there are many foreign currency exchange offices around England, but especially in London. Here are some of the more well-known and trusted foreign exchange companies you may find:

  • Thomas Exchange Global Ltd
  • ICE - International Currency Exchange
  • No1 Currency Exchange London
  • Covent Garden FX
  • Currency Exchange Corporation Oakwood
  • International Foreign Exchange
  • Travelex UK Ltd
  • Imperial Foreign Exchange LTD
  • Currency Exchange Corporation Finchley Central
  • City Forex Ltd
  • Currency Exchange Corporation Wood Green
  • Currency Exchange Corporation Brick Lane
  • ACE-FX
  • Currency Exchange Corporation Hanover Street

These are some of the more trusted and reliable foreign exchange companies. If you are in the London centre, then we recommend you to go to two or three currency exchanges and to compare the rates. They are usually competitive and you could also ask them to offer better exchange rate.

There are currency exchange offices at each international airport in Great Britain, very often these are not as competitive as you may expect. Many people learn that they should rather wait until they are away from the airport to trade cash.

So, remember, that to spend 10 minutes in research which company offers best exchange rate it is worth. You could save much money in different cases, also, use currency calculator to know what i approximate currency exchange rate at the moment.

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