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Qtum (QTUM) price, charts, market capitalization, history. Check Qtum live and history price in charts and tables, do analysis with special QTUM tools below. Qtum (short for Quantum) is one of the many cryptocurrencies that have cropped up since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009. Qtum describes themselves as the world's first cryptocurrency that is able to execute a “smart contract” as part of what they call an Unspent Transaction Output, all of this using a Proof-of-Stake model. Qtum was created to try to solve the problems with cryptocurrency platforms that came before it, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Unlike BitConnect, which markets itself as a peer-focused system, Qtum aspires to be the go-to platform for businesses, including the fields of finance, logistics, production, anti-counterfeit efforts, and mobile communications.

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Qtum (QTUM)
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1 QTUM to USD = 2.9129 USD
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1 QTUM to EUR = 3.0278 EUR
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1 QTUM to GBP = 2.7242 GBP
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Qtum was created to incorporate only the best parts of both Bitcoin and Ethereum into a business-oriented blockchain. Inutilizing the Bitcoin Improvement Protocols, and incorporating the Ethereum Virtual Machine, users of cryptocurrency can finally find their home for secure, stable digital transactions. For instance, if you own a logistics company, you are able to use Qtum to receive secure payment from clients quickly and directly. The vast majority of cryptocurrencies are purposefully designed to gradually decrease the production of currency, and Qtum is no different. Placing a cap on the total amount of the digital currency that will ever be in circulation plays a role in giving the currency its value.

Qtum is based out of Singapore. It was founded by Patrick Dai and Jordan Earls, who both have an extensive history of blockchain/software experience. Dai faced some controversy when it was reported that he was involved with a questionable cryptocurrency before his involvement with Qtum. In fairness, in such a high-gunning, rapidly growing industry, avoiding conflict can be tricky. Nevertheless, Qtum’s core team of 18 have found much success following the launch of the project. Their angel investor, Xiaolai Li, is a bitcoin multi-millionaire – one of the largest bitcoin holders in China.

As with other cryptocurrencies, the utility of Qtumlies in its acceptance. It will be hard to see a clear picture of all of the pros and cons of digital currency until it becomes more widely used and accepted by mainstream businesses.Rest assured, the benefits are many. For instance, contrary to a credit card, there is no exchange of personal information when using digital currency. Similarly, this also cuts down on fraud. Because the currency is digital, it can’t be counterfeited or arbitrarily reversed by sender. There are lower fees associated with cryptocurrency, as well as better access to a larger group of users.

Some of Qtum’s angel investors include Chen Weixing (CEO Kuaidi), Anthony Di Iorio (CEO JaxxWallet), Jeremy Gardner (co-founder Augur), and David Lee CuoChuen (founder Libai and Left Coast).

“The key will be in making it easy for large-scale adoption (as with anything involving crypto) including developing safeguards and protections for buyers / investors. I expect that within two years, we’ll be in a place where people can shove their money under the virtual mattress through cryptocurrency, and they’ll know that wherever they go, that money will be there.” – Sarah Granger, Author, and Speaker. 

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