Ripple (XRP)

Ripple (XRP) price, charts, market capitalization, history. Check Ripple live and history price in charts and tables, do analysis with special XRP tools below. Ripple XRP is a popular cryptocurrency that Ripple XRP has the largest number of coins in circulation. You cannot mine for the Ripple XRP as all the coins came pre-mined with the initial launch of the coin. Ripple is not so much of an alternative currency as a means to transfer items from one place to another including money. Other than just being a cryptocurrency, it connects banks, payment providers, digital asset exchanges and corporations via RippleNet. According to this system, intermediaries are needed to send goods or money to remote locations. The currency of the Ripple XRP acts just like an intermediary and the other person receives the money after cashing out with the XRP.

Ripple current price:
0.00003324 BTC
Market Cap
1,280,788.35 BTC
Volume (24h)
21,828.30 BTC
Circulating Supply
38,531,538,922 XRP
Total Supply
99,993,667,738 XRP

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What is the future of Ripple?

Ripple has shown steady growth over the years. Ripple price is not stable, but still it is among the largest cryptocurrencies in the world. In the future it is expected that its worth will increase since the cryptocurrency is challenging fiat currencies and banking networks and eating away their shares. One problem with Ripple is that it is not that very well understood by people since it is not strictly a cryptocurrency. But, at the same time it has a dedicated group of investors and enthusiasts who fully understand it. It is a polarizing coin but continues to harbor support across the board.

Who created the XRP? It was created by the popular company Ripple Pay that specialized in a money and goods transfer system based on the old-school hawala network as practiced in Asia and still being used by Jews.

How Ripple is useful? Since the XRP is not a currency and just an intermediary, it can be used to transfer not only money but all sorts of goods including universal food items and much more. The success of the Ripple pay system was replicated while creating he XRP system as a new cryptocurrency protocol.

How Ripple can it be used in real life? The Ripple XRP can be used in real life to send all sorts of things to another person.

Can Ripple be mined? No, the Ripple XRP cannot be mined. All the 100 billion tokens came pre-mined at the launch. This is considered to be a negative approach for the cryptocurrency as it kind of rigs the system by making the currency artificial. Moreover over 20% of the 100 billion coins were retained by the Ripple company and that is very much against the norms of the crypto world.

Ripple price history in USD
Date from
Date Open High Low Close Volume Market Cap
20 Oct 2017 0.215086 0.223096 0.208845 0.210549 182,704,000 8,112,776,988
19 Oct 2017 0.218229 0.23179 0.208363 0.21515 304,542,000 8,290,060,599
18 Oct 2017 0.231557 0.23815 0.207265 0.21852 354,225,000 8,419,911,885
17 Oct 2017 0.256098 0.263147 0.223035 0.232064 411,265,000 8,941,783,048
16 Oct 2017 0.263386 0.291359 0.24901 0.256232 963,158,000 9,873,013,281
15 Oct 2017 0.257537 0.268419 0.249048 0.263983 280,211,000 10,171,671,239
14 Oct 2017 0.26115 0.267381 0.25732 0.25732 211,160,000 9,914,935,595
13 Oct 2017 0.248285 0.26425 0.238867 0.260489 398,689,000 10,037,042,042
12 Oct 2017 0.265046 0.267468 0.249907 0.249907 243,787,000 9,646,523,020
11 Oct 2017 0.260658 0.267843 0.25908 0.264892 162,039,000 10,224,950,784
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