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4 years ago

What was the spark that made you take a serious look at getting into bc / crypto? I was a skeptic for a long time, brushing it off and off but I have come to realize this is the future. For me, it was seeing the possibilities with such technology and realizing the potential with all of this.

4 years ago

Wannacry malware wanting bitcoin as payment. Criminals are always ahead of any technology curve.

4 years ago

For a lot of people (myself included) we speculated buying for a long time and then saw that the price kept increasing. You can only have so many "I could have made x amount of money if I had actually done it!" before you cave in and buy at least a small amount.

4 years ago

Because blockchain is the next phase of civilization

4 years ago

I got scammed in to joining bitcoins brain and lost 40 bucks in 3 days. After that I wanted to research and know everything about this industry, to help prevent that from happening again. Started Blogging

4 years ago

because banks suck?

4 years ago

For me it's the blockchain technology. I find it a great way to ensure transparency and decentralization. I think it's got a ways to go because it's a bit cumbersome and clunky but as with any technology it will grow and adapt. I wonder if Perhaps one day we will be free from fiat money, non transparent governance, and having to pay for knowledge and information?

4 years ago

Years ago i bought bitcoin for £30 a btc, it didn't go up, actually it dropped for the couple of months after i bought it and so i got fed up and sold and bought into the stock market and bullion. recently i checked the fucking btc price! i then spent a while learning about blockchain, and scrypt and the altcoins so i would understand cryptocurrency a bit better and although i'm currently down £1-1.5k on what i put in, as a result of china and fucking JP Morgan, i now believe in the coins i've bought, i'll buy more of them even tho they're down and although i regret selling the btc, i learnt a lesson in being patient and in the potential some of these coins have.

4 years ago

I got in following a group leader that does some bucks in HYIP's. Lost money, gained money, stopped HYIP's evening it out. Since then (1.5 years), being investing month after month to increase portfolio whilst reading, reading and reading again anything I can find on blockchains.

4 years ago

Stuff like this and realizing this is still possible right now with various alt coins: If You Bought $5 of Bitcoin 7 Years Ago, You’d Be $4.4 Million Richer

4 years ago

A friend told me about btc and how he believed in gulden alt. I started the research and got into those crypto drug

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