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BitConnect (BCC) price, charts, market capitalization, history. Check BitConnect live and history price in charts and tables, do analysis with special BCC tools below. BitConnect is one of many cryptocurrencies in existence today. BitConnect is marketed as a “peer-to-peer” cryptocurrency. Users are able to directly transfer funds without the interference of an intermediary. One of the unique aspects of cryptocurrencies is that all transactions are recorded by the company, and publicly displayed on something called a “blockchain.” One of the platform’s attributes that they push via marketing is that your digital currency with them accrues interest. Similar to other cryptocurrencies, BitConnect also advertises high security, fast transactions, and of course a decentralized blockchain. BitConnect Coin is able to be bought and sold on or offline. Most users, however, exchange them on cryptocurrency sites wherein you’re able to buy, sell or exchange Coin for other digital currency (or fiat money). The one concern some people have with this cryptocurrency is that nothing really is known about the founders/owners of the company.

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BitConnect (BCC)
US dollar (USD)
1 BCC to USD = 0.6799 USD
Euro (EUR)
1 BCC to EUR = 0.5641 EUR
British Pound (GBP)
1 BCC to GBP = 0.4867 GBP
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BitConnect: peer-to-peer, blockchain, scarcity

Like most other cryptocurrencies, Bitconnect is purposefully designed to gradually decrease the production of currency, which in turn places a cap on the total amount of the digital currency that will ever be in circulation. This scarcity is what gives the digital currency value. This platform is very convenient, once you have a Bitconnect wallet; coins can be acquired whether you are online or offline. Because all of the different cryptocurrencies are literally just different forms of money, they can be exchanged for one another on online exchange sites. As with other cryptocurrencies, a more widespread use of digital currency like Bitconnect coin cuts down on the potential for identity theft. Contrary to a credit card, there is no exchange of personal information when using Bitconnect. Similarly, this also cuts down on fraud. Because Bitconnect coins are digital, they can’t be counterfeited or arbitrarily reversed by sender. There are lower fees associated with cryptocurrency, as well as better access to a larger group of users. Users of BitConnect Coin are able to earn interest on their investment and exchange funds directly with peers.

“In 2 years from now, I believe cryptocurrencies will be gaining legitimacy as a protocol for business transactions, micropayments, and overtakingWestern Union as the preferred remittance tool.  Regarding business transactions – you’ll see two paths: There will be financial businesses which use it for it’s no fee, nearly-instant ability to move any amount of money around, and there will be those that utilize it for its blockchain technology. Blockchain technology provides the largest benefit with trustless auditing, single source of truth, smart contracts, and color coins.” – Cody Littlewood, Founder and CEO of Codelitt

A real-world example of using BitConnect Coin is as simple as selling your couch to a friend. Once the price and product been agreed upon, it’s as simple as transferring the appropriate amount of cryptocurrency over and voila – easy as pie. The world of cryptocurrency will certainly take some getting used to, but the benefits outweigh the concerns.

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